This project is supported by the L'OCCITANE Foundation.


Malaysia and Vietnam rank at the bottom of the human development indices. Expenditure on health, calculated as a percentage of GDP, is 5.29% in Vietnam and 3.83% in Malaysia, and is much lower than the recommendations of the World Health Organization, which recommends spending 6% from GDP to health, to be able to provide basic and survival services. Today, more than 60% of the Vietnamese population and 22% of the Malaysian population live in rural areas and have insufficient and inequitable access to eye care services.
Poor care, long waiting times, poor safety and low patient satisfaction are some of the health system challenges highlighted by the WHO.


Supported Project

The L'OCCITANE Foundation supports the Brien Holden Foundation and its project aimed at reducing avoidable blindness and uncorrected visual impairment among children in and out of school, in rural and disadvantaged communities in targeted districts by developing equitable access to eye care complete thanks to an integrated people-centered eye system.
The objectives are:
- Develop and advocate for children's eye health to be integrated and promoted in the health system of countries and occupy a place within government policies
- Provide vision screenings, refraction services and strengthen referral systems
- Improve knowledge of eye care, particularly among families, through promotion and awareness campaigns
The project plans to provide comprehensive eye health services to approximately 83,200 children.

Some Figures

Budget 600,000 euros

Goal 83,200 beneficiaries