This project is supported by L'OCCITANE en Provence USA.


Pakistan ranks at the bottom of the UN Human Development Index (2022), at 159 out of 192 countries. An estimated 39% of the population lives in poverty. For women, it is recognized as one of the most unequal countries in the world. It is estimated that more than 4.5 million children in Pakistan suffer from uncorrected refraction and girls are 2.4 times more likely than boys to suffer from untreated myopia. However, access to eye care remains almost inaccessible due to the lack of availability of services, the shortage of professionals and the lack of awareness among populations.


Supported Project

In 2023-2024, L'OCCITANE USA supports Sightsavers in Islamabad (Pakistan) and its project which aims to significantly reduce avoidable childhood blindness by ensuring all students have access to screening, refractive error correction, treatments and surgeries for eye diseases. Training of teachers and commitment of government personnel ensures systems are strengthened and sustainable. The project also raises awareness about eye care among students, communities and families and fights gender-based stigma and discrimination, giving girls access to eye care services.

Some Figures

Budget 47,600 euros

Goal 102,736 beneficiaries

Goal 1,104 eye health actors trained