This project is supported by the Chinese subsidiary of L'OCCITANE en Provence. 


In China, the prevalence of myopia is extremely high. According to 2018 China Children Myopia Survey Result, the myopia rate of primary school students is 15.7% in the first grade, 59.0% in the sixth grade, and 77.0% in the nine grade. The myopia rate of high school students is about 83%. Among which, high myopia, the degree of myopia higher than 600 degrees, is 21.9%.  It has been predicted that, by the year 2050, high myopia will affect 9.8% of the global population. High myopia is becoming more common and increases the risk of open-angle glaucoma, retinal detachment, and myopic macular degeneration which can cause irreversible visual loss. 

The project is a part of the Shanghai-Ningxia child eye health program, which aims to improve children’s quality of life and increase educational opportunities by reducing the burden of uncorrected refractive error and enhancing access to high-quality pediatric ophthalmic and low-vision services in Ningxia and Shanghai.



Supported Project 

In 2022-2023, L'OCCITANE China is funding Orbis' project aiming at conducting eye screening & referral for Shanghai K-12 children and supporting the local partner to develop a demonstrative and scalable children's myopia control model. It will support to the development of child-friendly eye health education materials that can be adapted in more developing areas like Ningxia, Guangxi or Fujian. The project will advocate this model, support the organizing of joint-provinces eye education events, and provide training for eye health event management to eye health professionals from other developing areas.

Some Figures

Budget 21,165 euros

Results 100,000 beneficiaries

History of the Partnership

L’OCCITANE China supported the NGO Orbis with projects to create an effective and sustainable network to prevent blindness by focusing on primary eye care services in the Guangdong region in 2015, in Shandong in 2016, in Shenyang in 2017, in Shanxi in 2018 and in Ningxia in 2019. 

The L'OCCITANE Foundation directly funded a five-year project run by the NGO aiming to develop a comprehensive network of paediatric eye care services to save the eyesight and transform the lives of children across the Gansu province.

Finally, L'OCCITANE China and the L'OCCITANE Foundation already partnered with the NGO Orbis in 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 to support their programme aiming at preventing high myopia problems among children in Shanghai. Discover more about it here.