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  • L'OCCITANE x Madame Figaro

    L’OCCITANE en Provence, with the support of Madame Figaro, publishes the IRIS magazine! A women’s lifestyle magazine, in paper and numerical version, accessible to blind or visually impaired people.

    This initiative is the result of a tight collaboration. IRIS is inspired by the editorial line of its partner, in order to better share its message. To respect this ideal, the magazine has been designed following strict accessibility rules.

    Before emerging, IRIS was an ambition: to sensitize the largest number of people to the efforts made by L’OCCITANE to fight avoidable blindness, but more importantly to create a content that includes visually impaired people.

    The IRIS magazine talks about culture, society, mode and health. With IRIS, all eyes are concerned. IRIS talks to everyone: those who see, those who can’t see well, and those who can’t see at all.

    Visit the numerical version of the magazine IRIS, or find the paper version, available in kiosks from the 1st of June!