Forests are the planet's second carbon sink, and their presevation is essential. Located 25 km southeast of Paris, the forest of Sénart is surrounded by towns and welcomes more than 3 million visits per year. It has great biolgical richness due largely to the diversity of its habitats and the existence of more than 850 ponds spread throughout.

The ONF wishes to reconstitute a plot of burnt forest in the state forest of Sénart following a fire that occurred in 2018. The aim is to make this forest resilient by choosing species resistant to climate change.


Supported Project

In 2023-2024, the L'OCCITANE Foundation is supporting the ONF Endowment Fund "Agir pour la forêt" and its post-fire planting project in the Sénart forest, which consists of reconstituting part of the burnt forest in adapting to climate change by choosing species that are resistant to rising temperatures. 

The teams carry out observation work by looking for which trees are adapted to the forest and to climate change. In some cases and when the situation proves necessary, the foresters plan to replant where the fire has passed, this is the case in the forest of Sénart.
A soil analysis was carried out beforehand, then the ONF teams determined that three species could be adapted to the soil and climate change in Sénart: maritime pine, pubescent oak and Tauzin oak.

The planting will be preceded by tillage to decompact it and facilitate root establishment of the trees. Then, the plants will be protected by vegetation that has settled in well. The plot will then be managed and gradually converted into irregular high forest.

This project is part of the adaptation of French public forests to climate change on a national scale. The goal is to make them more resilient thanks to a choice of more suitable species than what was initially planned. In the Sénart forest, oaks from more southern sources will be planted on this plot.

A total of 20,876 trees will be planted, with a density of 1097 trees per hectare, in order to contribute to the preservation of biodiversity.

Some Figures

Budget 109,925 euros

Goal 20,870 Planted Trees