About the L'OCCITANE Foundation and these Terms of Use

These terms of use ("Terms of Use") relate to your use of the following website: fondation.loccitane.com. Under these terms of use, the term “The Foundation” (thereafter, “we” and “our”) refers to the Foundation located at the address listed below. 

The website in question is not an e-commerce site. To access the different e-commerce sites belonging to the L'OCCITANE Group, you will need to consult the following websites: loccitane.com, fr.melvita.com, erborian.com and br.loccitaneaubresil.com. Each of these e-commerce sites is subject to its own terms of use. 

Website editor

  • Fondation L’OCCITANE ;
  • Corporate Fondation governed by the n°87-571 modified law of 23rd july 1987  ;
  • Headquarters : Zone Industrielle Saint-Maurice 04100 Manosque ;
  • Publishing Director : Charlotte Jonchère, L'OCCITANE Philanthropy Manager.

Website hosting

Our website is hosted by the company named GANDI SAS, registered at the Paris Trade and Companies Registry: 

  • With a capital of  800 000€
  • Headquarters : 63-65 boulevard Masséna 75013 Paris FRANCE 
  • RCS Paris 423 093 459
  • APE Code : 6311Z

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The content on all pages of the fondation.loccitane.com website is protected by copyright. All rights are held by  the Foundation. The information published on the site fondation.loccitane.com is available to the public for the sake of browsing only. Photocopying all or part of a document, whether for print or electronic use, is authorised only if the fondation.loccitane.com is specifically referenced. Reproducing, forwarding, editing, reuniting or using the fondation.loccitane.com website for commercial broadcasting purpose is strictly forbidden, unless prior written consent is provided by the Foundation.   

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Website content

The Foundation endeavours with all good intentions to provide information that is accurate, complete and up to date. That said, the content on this website and the information proposed to users is published “as it is” and there is no guarantee or equivalent assurance, whether explicitly or implicitly. The Foundation does not accept responsibility and declines from guaranteeing that all functions on the website group.locctiane.com are available uninterrupted and free from viruses or other harmful material within the browsing session. The Foundation does not accept responsibility, including when at fault, for direct, indirect or consecutive damages that may arise from consulting or using the content on the website fondation.loccitane.com. The Foundation reserves the right to, whether entirely or partially, amend or cease to exploit the website without giving any prior notice. In the same way, the company has no obligation to keep the site up to date.

The Foundation does not endorse the content that can be accessed when using the hyperlinks that redirect users to other websites operated independently of the fondation.loccitane.com website, nor is The Foundation to be held responsible for the availability or content published by these sites. The decision to activate a link towards any of these sites is entirely at the risk of the user. 

Applicable law and jurisdiction

Swiss law is applicable to the current fondation.loccitane.com website, in accordance with the terms of use presented above. In case of litigation, the legal case will be filed in Manosque, France.