The Dutch government committed in 2021 to increase the forest area by 37,000 hectares by 2030. At the national level, the forest area is insufficient to meet the Paris 2025 climate goals. Similarly, at the regional level, people are showing a real disire for a greener and more biodiverse province. 


Supported project 

In 2021-2022, L'OCCITANE Benelux and the L'OCCITANE Foundation have partnered with TREES FOR ALL to boost biodiversity by increasing the forest area thoughout the Dutch province of Limurg. 

The Project consists in puchasing, planting and maintaining on the long run 136,660 trees on 30.71 hectares, allowing the preservation of flora and the reproduction of plant and animal species. The local population benefits from the new forest which improves air quality, temperature and groundwater levels, which directly benefits to the local population. 

Some figures

Budget 15,000 euros

Goal 2,500 planted trees

Goal 28 preserved varieties