In Burkina Faso, women's financial autonomy is a key element in the socio-economic development of the poorest communities. However, not all women have access to training, let alone the capital needed to develop their activities.


Supported Project

In this context, the L'OCCITANE Foundation supported the Entrepreneurs Du Monde (EDM) project in 2021-2022, which aims to energize and empower women shea producers through a comprehensive microfinance approach, combining financial services and training. 

One of the project's focuses was to provide women shea producers with permanent access to financial services such as loans, savings and insurance, so that they could develop income-generating activities to complement the shea butter production schedule. In addition to these financial services, socio-economic services such as training, awareness-raising activities and personalized follow-ups are provided to accompany these women in the development of their income-generating activities. 

In order to ensure the sustainability of the beneficiaries' situation, the project has consolidated the operation of three micro-finance agencies: the Tanghin-Dassouri agency, the Pabré agency and the Diebougou agency.

Some Figures

Budget 75,000 euros

Results 1,031 beneficiaries

Partnership History

Project supported since 2019

The L'OCCITANE Foundation has been supporting the microfinance project developed by the EDM association since 2019. This project was greatly inspired by the recommendations of women from L'OCCITANE's partner shea unions, women with a better understanding of the living conditions of rural women in general.

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