Primary school enrolment indicators have dropped considerably between 2017 and 2020, with overall enrolment in public primary education in Burkina Faso falling from 2,555,345 pupils in 2017 to 2,481,946 in 2020. This decrease is partly the result of the socio-political and security situation in the country, which has led to the closure of more than 2,000 schools and the internal displacement of 1,074,993 people, including 585,728 young people under the age of 14.

In addition, an analysis of socio-cultural realities in the Centre West Region of Burkina Faso reveals perceptions and practices that are not conducive to girls' success in school. These include the low consideration of the importance of girls' schooling, the persistence of certain traditional practices such as dotes and abductions, the low level of self-esteem among girls, the persistence of gender-based violence in communities and schools, and the low level of awareness of the specific problems inherent to girls due to their status.


Supported Project

In 2020-2021, the Foundation is supporting the project of the NGO Aide et Action which aims to improve primary schooling for vulnerable girls in Burkina Faso. The SCOLFILLE project will specifically promote access to and retention in primary school for 2,000 girls from particularly disadvantaged or displaced families (due to the socio-political and security situation in the country), orphans, or those living with a slight disability.

Girls of school age will be enrolled in CP1 and girls who are at risk of dropping out of school before the end of the cycle will be supported. Older girls who are not in school or who dropped out early will be able to enter CE2 directly thanks to an innovative system of accelerated classes (accumulating the modules of the first 3 years of primary school over 9 months: CP1, CP2 and CE1). The NGO will cover the costs of schooling, including annual fees, supplies, etc. It intends to improve the nutrition of children in the schools by supporting the functioning of their canteen (school restaurant).

Aide et Action wishes to support 500 families living in extreme poverty to further develop their income generating activities through grants and intermediation with microcredit institutions.

Within the framework of this project, approximately 180 teachers will be trained to enable the implementation of support courses for the beneficiaries.

Finally, the project will raise awareness among communities and girls, essentially to help remove the obstacles to girls' schooling (early marriages, early pregnancies, reluctance of family and friends, self-censorship, etc.) and to remove the taboo associated with menstruation (distribution of protection, rehabilitation/building of latrines in schools, etc.).

This project is an integral part of "Education For Women Now", the international campaign initiated by Aide et Action to enable 3 million of the most vulnerable and marginalized girls and women to have access to quality education in Africa, Asia and Europe by 2025.

Some Figures

Budget 103,462 euros

Results 1,859 supported girls


Azara, year 6 student at LON school (Cassou)

“My name is OUEDRAOGO Azara, year 6 student at the LON school. I am 13 years old. I am fatherless and I live with my mother alone. She doesn't have the means to take good care of us. The project helped me to continue school. We had reading books and solar lamps to learn the lessons at night. I will work well to pass my certificate of primary education and please my mother. I thank the project very much for its support”.

Azara at school

Nathalie, registered at the SSA/P center of METIO (TO)

“My name is KONTOGMA Nathalie. I am 13 years old. I never wanted to because my parents refused to enroll me in school because I am a girl. I had fled the village to go to town where I was employed first as a housekeeper and then as a waitress in a bar. When I returned to the village and learned that a project had opened a center for girls to give them the chance to go to school again, I came to enroll myself. I learn very well. I can read and calculate. I am very happy because I will be able to have my CEP (Certificate of Primary Studies) and go to college. I will work hard to succeed in order to become an independent woman”.

Nathalie, bénéficiaire projet Aide et Action