Even though Colombia is the third most populous country in Latin America with an estimated population of 48,203,405, eye health is not considered as a priority in national health policies. As a result, eye health services are unevenly distributed throughout the country and difficult to access. The lack of eye health care in some areas has long-lasting negative consequences, especially for children.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 19 million children aged 15 and under have visual impairment, 12 million of whom suffer from refractive errors that could easily be diagnosed and corrected with glasses, bifocals and contact lenses. 

The lack of eye care services in under-served communities is having long-lasting, negative consequences for our children.


Supported project

In 2019, the aim for this project was to continue developing school eye health campaigns in Bogota. This project pursued the provision of vision screenings, eye examinations, glasses and eye health promotion material and information to primary schools in the capital. The schools were selected based on the socio-economic needs, prioritizing low income areas which have even more difficult access to eye care services and spectacles. 

Therefore, more than 3,000 children benefited from eye screenings and more than 400 of them received prescriptions glasses.

Some figures


Budget in 2019 10.000 euros

Results in 2019 3.744 beneficiaries


Projet supported since 2018

Since 2018, l'OCCITANE Colombia and the Foundation has supported the Brien Holen Institute project in their "Our children's vision" campaign.

Despite the fact that vision impariment are often completely avoidable, poor vision can derail the life of a child. Brien Holden Institute's goal is to organize eye screenings and distributions of adapted glasses in Bogota primary schools. Among the city's schools, priority is given to those located in disadvantaged neighbourhoods. Communication campaigns will also be organized to raise awareness among children and schools about eye health.

Total budget 20.000 euros

Total results 7.761 beneficiaries


María Paula is 14-year-old girl who wears glasses for short-sightedness and astigmatism linked to Down's syndrome. Her glasses were no longer suitable as her short-sightedness had increased by two dioptres. Now she is happy, always wears her new glasses and can get more out of her schooling.

Maria Paula, beneficiary

Dépistages oculaires dans les écoles primaires de Bogota