Approximately 1.4 million children worldwide are at risk of going blind, including 1 million in Asia. Indonesia is a country with one of the highest rates of blindness in the world, particularly in the southern region of Sulawesi. The region is affected by malnutrition and seismic natural disasters, which are major or aggravating factors in eye diseases. Screening them is essential to prevent blindness, as well as to help them succeed at school and achieve their ambitions.


Supported project

L'OCCITANE Indonesia and the Foundation support Helen Keller International in her project to fight childhood blindness in the South Sulawesi region of Indonesia. The objective is to work with all actors in the health system to improve it and to offer adapted treatments to children suffering from visual impairment. As a first step, nurses will be trained in 276 schools to screen and diagnose children using kits created for this purpose. The nurses will also be responsible for raising awareness among teachers about the various eye pathologies and encouraging the use of glasses among children. Finally, regulations will be put in place so that related medical expenses can be covered by health insurance.

Some figures


2020 budget 10 082 euros

2020 goal 284 800 beneficiaries


Project supported since 2016

Total budget 70 082 euros

Total goal 791 890 beneficiaries

L'OCCITANE Indonesia has been supporting Helen Keller International for several years.
In 2016 and 2017, L'OCCITANE supported campaigns to raise awareness and for the screening of diabetic retinopahthy, a disease responsible for 5% of cases of blindness in the world, in the urban regions of Indonesia.