This project is supported by the Korean subsidiary of L'OCCITANE en Provence. 


Bangladesh is a low-income country in South Asia with a population of 160 million, 66.5% lives in rural areas. Despite rapid urbanization and gains in socio demographic indicators, around 18% of the population (36% in rural and 28% in urban) still lives below the poverty line. Getting primary eye health care remains a challenge for the vulnerable population because of the lack of eye care personnel and eye care services at the rural community and primary health level.


Supported Project

In 2023-2024, the Korean subsidiary of L'OCCITANE en Provence supports Heart to Heart Foundation and its project which aims to increase accessibility to primary eye care based on primary health facilities. In order to reach the outcome, HHFI plans to approach two kinds of participatory and inclusive schemes as follows:

1. School-based primary eye care for children by engaging school teachers and educational officers within the local education system

2. Community-based primary eye care for the community residents through frontline health-worker at the primary health facilities

Some Figures

Budget 60,000 euros

Goal 26,730 beneficiaries

Goal 5 equipment purchased