Early detection of eye diseases and refractive errors in children is of critical importance. Late detection can lead to blindness and developmental delays. However, detection of eye disease in children in orphanages tends to be neglected because of the lack of inequality in access to health care. It is important that these children receive a comprehensive eye examination to ensure early intervention to remedy problems.


Supported project

In 2021-2022, L'OCCITANE Malaysia and the L'OCCITANE Foundation are supporting the Kuala Lumpur Hospital's Eye Care Project for Children for a Better Future. The project aims to provide a comprehensive eye examination to underprivileged children in nearby orphanages. Children with refractive errors will receive glasses. Those who need further treatment and follow-up will be examined by the ophthalmology department of the Kuala Lumpur hospital.

In this way, this project allows the early detection of preventable eye diseases in children. It also give to these patients a direct access to a tertiary facility offering multidisciplinary care. Early detection of developmental delays and learning difficulties is also treated. 

Some figures


Budget 30,000 euros

Result 7,700 beneficiaries