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Sight to Sky is a nonprofit organization that provides free eye care and outreach to remote Himalayan communities.


"Our goal is to bring primary healthcare to remote Himalayan communities like Ladakh. By establishing a network of mobile health clinics and programs, we provide care that is fundamental to improving one’s quality of life. Even if we have to trek for miles to reach our destination. We educate the community to learn how to take care of themselves better. We invest in locals who want to be part of this effort. We build up infrastructure and provide better access to primary healthcare. Our volunteers are people who are passionate about making a difference. Volunteers are an important part of what we do and we give them a life changing experience as much as they change the lives of others. We believe in the value of human life. We respect the local environments, culture and people we work with. We embrace change. And most of all, we think BIG."


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