This project is supported by the Mexican affiliate of L'OCCITANE en Provence.


Endangered and deeply valued, magnolias contribute to the rich cultural heritage of the communities in Alta Montaña de Veracruz. However, on a global scale, the rapid expansion of human settlements and the intensive exploitation of the environment have caused the access to public green spaces is increasingly becoming a privilege, even in rural areas. In this context, children are likely to lose their biocultural connection with the natural environment, exposing them to increased socio-environmental vulnerability. Integrating emblematic plants like magnolias into schools is essential to prevent the loss of this connection for young people.


Supported Project

In 2023-2024, L'OCCITANE Mexico supports the second phase of the project of Red de Viveros de Biodiversidad A.C. The project is focused on three main actions :

  • To recover local biodiversity and populations of endemic magnolias in the High Mountain Areas of the State of Veracruz.
  • 50 magnolias and 100 trees of other species will be planted, using the Miyawaki approach as a solution to improve and increase the quality of green infrastructure in schools with low rates of child access to nature and in surrounding school spaces.
  • In addition, a manual will be prepared for effective school reforestation, which will serve to combat the nature deficit disorder and encourage the connection of children with their natural environment. 

Some Figures

Budget 5,040.42 euros

Goal 3 hectares regenerated

Goal 20 local varieties protected

History of the Partnership

L'OCCITANE Mexico is supporting Red de Viveros de Biodiversidad A.C. since the first phase of the project. Learn more about it here.