North Georgia forests are facing degradation from urban sprawl as Atlanta and other major cities continue to grow. Forestland is becoming more fragmented, developed, and converted to other land uses. Through this project, local communities are able to further their forest management plans to preserve    and    restock    trees    for economic    use,    to    preserve    biodiversity,    and    to    provide recreational/well-being benefits.



Supported Project

In 2022-2023, L’OCCITANE USA supports the reforestation project of the association ONE TREE PLANTED, which will contribute to the achievement of the United Nations development objectives.

This project seeks to plant 40,000 trees (of which L’Occitane would plant 21,000) on privately owned lands in North Georgia, where forestlands have become more and more fragmented, developed, and converted to other land uses due to urban growth in Atlanta and other major cities. Forest landowners in North Georgia generally have a large focus on multiple use resource management and these trees will align with their goals.

Some Figures 


Budget 78,000 euros

Goal 62 hectares regenerated

History of Partnership

L'OCCITANE USA has alreaded collaborated with One Tree Planted in Oregon. See more