This project is supported by the US subsidiary of L'OCCITANE en Provence.


In 2018, extensive areas of California's forests were consumed by devastating fires, resulting in the destruction of habitats for local animal species and recreational areas accessible to the public, including fishing spots. Urgent intervention was necessary to facilitate the reforestation of these areas. Watershed restoration is particularly crucial for California due to the state's already limited water supply. Planting trees in these locations enhances carbon sequestration, providing benefits for humanity.

Before this event, the Rim Fire of 2013 devastated over 90,000 acres of land in California, making it one of the largest natural disasters of the decade in the state. Declared on August 17, 2013, in the Stanislaus National Forest, the fire lasted for over two months, destroying vast swathes of wooded areas. This catastrophe had a devastating impact on local biodiversity and ecosystem health, requiring considerable restoration efforts to restore both the structure of the old-growth forest and the open canopy. By planting trees on these devastated lands, it is possible to contribute to carbon sequestration and ecosystem revitalization, offering significant benefits for both humanity and the environment.


Supported Project

In 2023-2024, the US subsidiary of L'OCCITANE en Provence supports the reforestation project in California, led by One Tree Planted unfolding in two distinct phases.

The first phase involves planting 63,810 ponderosa pines on a private ranch severely affected by the 2018 wildfires. L'OCCITANE USA commits to planting 23,810 of these trees, contributing to the restoration of 102 hectares of devastated land. The aim of this phase is to restore biodiversity and wildlife habitats, while also reducing post-fire erosion and improving air and water quality in the region. Regular visits will be conducted to monitor and maintain the trees during the planting phase over several years.

The second phase of the project entails planting 627,000 trees of four native species in the Stanislaus National Forest, Tuolumne County. This area was severely impacted by the 2013 Rim Fire, resulting in the degradation of 1,072 hectares of land. This phase aims to restore habitat for local biodiversity, while also enhancing water quality and reducing erosion, which will greatly benefit the region and its ecosystems.


Some Figures

Budget 92,698 euros

Goal 105,000 Planted trees

Goal 1,174 Regenerated hectares