This project is supported by the Japanese subsidiary of L'OCCITANE en Provence. 


Kumamoto Yamamoto was selected by the government as an SDG model municipal project for its sustainable efforts to pass on the organic connection between land, people and life, and its beautiful landscape to the next generation, and to protect its rich natural environment to the future. , with organic farming at its heart.

This project has been selected as a candidate project for the Nature Symbiosis Site by the Ministry of Environment and is in the process of being registered in the international database as OECM.


Supported Project

The planting of broad-leaved indigenous trees on the cedar logging site overlooking the terraced rice paddies will restore and maintain the Satoyama*, and protect the various endangered species that inhabit the terraced rice paddies.

*Satoyama is a word referring to the state in which there exists an ecosystem that is influenced by people in the hills and mountains adjacent to a settlement or habitat, or similar geographical conditions.

Some Figures

Budget 30,215 euros

Goal 2,500 planted trees

Goal 1 hectares regenerated