The Atlantic forest is a South American Forestwith a very high biodiversity, containing many endemic species,that has suffered considerable deforestation, with more than 88% of its original area destroyed. Deforestation continues, transforming forest in pasture, crop land and urban areas. Fragmentation and selective predation of valued species (both plant and animal) causes species impoverishment. At the same time, none sustainable practices have led to land degradation and a subsequent rural exodus.


Supported Project 

In 2022-2023, L'OCCITANE Brazil supports Instituto Terra in its biodiversity restoration project. 

The project aims to establish small forest plots of five rare tree species, native to the Atlantic Forest, within the protected area of Instituto Terra. In order to analyze their response, the planting will be followed by the exposure of these plants to different fertilization treatments. The development of these plants will be accompanied during the first year of their planting by local students from nearby universities and training institutes, as part of their educational training. The planting and maintenance will be carried out by the Institute.

Some Figures

Budget 12,000 euros

Goal 5 hectares regenerated