The Taiwan government lifted the ban on logging in public and community natural forests in 1992. Since then, timber imports have been increasing. However, we do not know if the timer we import is being raided from rainforests and destroying a vital environment. Meanwhile, inappropriate exploitation of plantations affects biodiversity.

This is why the Bureau of Forestry of the Council of Agriculture has actively advocated sustainable forestry in recent years to protect biodiversity. Forest management and climate change planning will contribute to the sustainable use of resources.


Supported Project

In 2023-2024, L'OCCITANE Taiwan supports Yongzai Forestry. The Sustainable Forestry Project aims to help the Forestry Bureau of the Agriculture Council to sustainably restore forests in Pingtung district. YongZai Forestry is joining the global biodiversity monitoring and will monitor over 212 hectares of forest farms, tens of thousands of Cryptomeria, Formosan China-fir, and Cryptomeria like Taiwania. This project will also help protect local species such as the swinhoe's pheasant (Lophura swinhoii), the masked palm civet (Paguma larvat) and the Taiwan Macaque (Macaca cyclopis).

Some Figures

Budget 9,047 euros

Goal 11,000 planted trees

Goal 4 varieties protected

History of the Partnership

L'OCCITANE Taiwan has supported this project since 2021.