This project is supported by the L'OCCITANE Foundation. 


In Burkina Faso, women face deep inequalities, and are particularly affected by economic, social and environmental inequalities, reinforced by persistent security and political instabilities.

In 2020, these inequalities were exacerbated by the 2020 health crisis which strongly affected the country's growth rate (falling from 8% to 1.9% according to the World Bank). According to the World Bank in West Africa, women are enterprising and more likely than men to embark on entrepreneurship. However, women are more particularly affected by economic inequalities: more represented in the informal sector, more difficulties in generating profits (fewer employees, record lower average sales and create less added value), in accessing salaried employment, and suffer more from inequalities in income or access to real estate.

In September 2022, according to OCHA figures, in Burkina Faso, there were more than 1.5 million internally displaced people, 23.28% of whom are women, which further widens the inequality gap.


Supported Project

In 2023-2024, and 2024-2025 the L'OCCITANE Foundation supports the Bloom project of the Empow'Her association, with the aim of contributing to the improvement of women's conditions through the acquisition of skills in various professions, including those of arts and crafts.

About 240 vulnerable women will be supported (120 per year), with 120 women (60 per year) having acquired new skills in trades such as electricity, building, solar energy, embroidery, carpentry and hairdressing. 

In a logic of aid for professional integration and the development of entrepreneurship, the project is structured around two components:

- First, it offers an innovative holistic approach to bring 240 vulnerable and displaced women to regain self-confidence and boost their leadership in order to be autonomous and fulfilled.

- Secondly, it allows them to acquire technical skills in one of the craft trades identified as promising in their localities, in order to be able to strengthen their resilience and increase their development.

Some Figures

Budget 405,605 euros

Goal 240 supported women

History of the Partnership

Since 2018, the L'OCCITANE Foundation has supported Empow'Her in several programs, aiming to provide technical trainings to women in Burkina Faso.

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