In Israel, half a million people suffer from eye diseases and trouble with their vision. We now know that 80% of cases of blindness could be avoided if the causes are discovered and treated on time. However, each year two million Israelis become blind. Thanks to ocular screening, early diagnosis and preventative care, thousands of children, adults and elderly people could thus retain their sight.


Supported project

In 2020, the L'OCCITANE Foundation and L'OCCITANE Israel are renewing their partnership to support a a project run by the Israeli Association for Ocular Health and the Prevention of Blindness (LIROT). The overall aim is to realize eye screening chekups to prevent avoidable blindness for elderly people using tele-medicine and for kids in order to find symptoms of lazy eye. 

Using the new method of screening developed during the previously supported project (in 2017), LIROT will use its fully equipped mobile clinic to visit senior centers and residences throughout Israel to provide free preventive screening for thousands of senior citizens. This project will aso provide free ophthalmologic screenings for thousands of children at risk from amblyopia at kindergarten age in local municipalities. 

Some figures

Budget 10.000 euros

Goal 17.900 beneficiaries


Project supported since 2016

Since 2016, L'OCCITANE Israel and the Foundation has supported LIROT for its program which focuses on the detection of lazy eye symptoms. The NGO aims to prevent blindness among hundreds of thousands of children, adults, and elderly through research, screening, and public awareness.

In 2017, L'OCCITANE funded a machine for screening amblyopia, a disease that affects almost 8,000 children each year within the country, also funding the training of medical staff on the use of this machine.

In 2018, L'OCCITANE supported an ocular screening project involving 5,000 elderly people who do not have the means by which to access eye treatment, for financial reasons and/or on account of being disabled. 

In 2019, the L'OCCITANE Foundation and L'OCCITANE Israel supported a project to enable the access to eye treatment to a large number of people in Tel Aviv and in the centre of Israel. The association conducted free screenings of vulnerable elderly people and children. Training courses werealso provided to increase the number of optometrists. Finally, a new method of screening using telemedicine was developed to allow doctors to conduct screening without leaving the hospital. During screening, information on eye diseases were made available with a view to making the beneficiaries aware of these pathologies.

Total budget 42.000 euros

Results 8.371 beneficiaries