This project is supported by the Korean affiliate of L'OCCITANE en Provence.


In 2022, a forest fire ravaged thousands of hectares in Buramsan Mountain, Seoul, marking a devastating event that unfortunately wasn't the first of its kind. The frequent drought and severe heat driven by climate change are fueling forest fires, and Republic of Korea is no exception. The primary cause of forest fires is often linked to anthropogenic activities, such as human negligence, agricultural practices, or industrial activities. The prevalence of forest fires near residential communities has significant social, economic, and geographic impacts. These include displacing people from their homes, causing economic losses for communities if they result in property loss, and posing threats to biodiversity and ecosystems.

Effective restoration efforts are crucial to mitigate the negative impact of forest fires on communities and the environment. This involves not only rehabilitating the affected landscapes but also implementing preventive measures, community education on fire safety, and sustainable land management practices. A holistic approach that addresses the root causes and consequences of forest fires is essential for creating resilient and fire-resistant communities while preserving the ecological balance of forest ecosystems.


Supported Project

In 2023-2024, L'OCCITANE Korea supports the "Restoration of the land devastated by the forest fire in Buramsan Mountain" lead by AFoCO. This project aims to restore the affected land and create healthy and pleasing environment for the benefit of wildlife and effected communities. 

This initiative consists in a global or comprehensive restoration which aims at addressing the environmental damage caused by the forest fires in May 2022 :

  • The primary goal is to restore 10 hectares of land severely impacted by these devastating fires.
  • Additionally, a tree planting ceremony and awareness campaign for the youth will be organized in perfect alignment with the restoration activities.
  • This restoration program will involve planting a variety of native plant species, including some that are considered endangered, endemic, and threatened : which can enhance wildlife diversity.


Some Figures

Budget 60,000 euros

Goal 10 Hectares regenerated