Blindness in children prevents their proper development, their well-being and access to education. In Peru, retinopathy of prematurity is the leading cause of infantile blindness. Yet in the majority of cases, simple access to eye care and good medical follow-up could avoid this. In the case of retinopahty, it has been proven that the cost of blindness far exceeds the cost of treatment, which represents one of the most cost-effective interventions in the area of eye health.


Supported project

The L'OCCITANE Foundation and L'OCCITANE Peru support Orbis International in preventing retinopathy in premature infants in the region of Lima and more generally in Peru as a whole. Thanks to this project, a system for the management of information will be implemented within the neonatal intensive care departments of the public hospitals. Thus, the treating personnel will be able to access the files of new-borns in real time and provide adequate care. What's more, the project aims to disseminate expertise and the methods of treating the disease, so as to ensure a better quality of neonatal care in the country. Thus, 3,000 children will benefit from ocular screening and suitable medical care, thanks to the training of 315 members of medical staff and the funding of 14 machines.

Some figures

The project aims to provide a better eye health framework for premature children in Lima and more generally in Peru. As a result, 3,000 children will benefit from eye tests and appropriate medical care. In addition, 315 health care personnel will be trained and 14 machines will be funded.

Budget 10 000 euros

Goal 3 000 beneficiaries