The Subsidiaries' Projects 2018-2019

Every year, the Foundation and L’OCCITANE subsidiaries and distributors around the world support local projects to fight against avoidable blindness. 

In 2018-2019, 38 subsidiaries are committed for sight, 24 of which have supported a local project allowing more than 1 million beneficiaries to receive eye care worldwide thanks to a global cofounding of more than € 600,000.

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          In Chile, €8,000 euros are donated to Fundación Luz to finance a whole year for one child of “Early stimulation program”, a project based on helping visual impaired children under the age of 5 to develop themselves.             In Colombia, the NGO Brien Holden Vision Institute provides eye screening to two primary schools in Bogata. Thanks to a €10,000  donation, 4,000 children will be screened.             In Croatia, 100 socially disadvantaged persons will receive refraction test and prescription glasses from the Lions Club, thanks to a donation of €2,000.          
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          In Hong Kong, for the fourth consecutive year, the Hong Kong Society for the Blind Vision Screening Bus examines 4,000 children thanks to a budget of €50,979.             In Hungary, the Hungarian Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted receives €6,000 to distribute free special world maps to children with sight disability. The project also includes a prevention glaucoma campaign through a free eye screening day that will reach 150 people.             In India, 4 eye centers will be opened by CBM association thanks to a subvention of €80,000 over 2 years. These centers aim at providing eye care for 65,000 people over 5 years: cataract surgeries, eyeglasses distribution, eye health awareness.            
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          In Indonesia, the NGO Helen Keller International provides eye care in 168 schools in the South of the Sulawesi Island. Thanks to a funding of €10,000199,000 children will benefit from eye care.              In Israel, the NGO Lirot conducts eye screenings for 1,500 elderly and 500 children socially disadvantaged, as well as new optometrists training. Thanks to a €12,000 donation, 3,500 people will receive eye care.             In Italy€20,000 contribute to the project of CBM in Ethiopia, “Trachoma S.A.F.E”, which will prevent the infections that cause long-term blindness and will offer specific surgical techniques to those already infected by trachoma. More than 115,000 people will benefit from this program by 2020.           
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          In Japan, the Department of ophthalmology of Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine receives €40,000 to organize the International Young Ophthalmologists Training Program. Thanks to the training of 25 ophthalmologists, 20,000 people will receive eye care.             In Malaysia€20,000 are given to The Tun Hussein Onn National Eye Hospital for its cataract treatment project: 400 people will be screened and 48 beneficiaries will receive complementary cataract surgery.             In France, L’Occitane Manosque gives €10,000 to Institut Curie to finance pre-clinical research for a non-mutagenic treatment of retinoblastoma. Thanks to this project, 225 children will be treated by 2020.           
mexico - centro mexicano de alta especialidad en oftalmologia
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          In Mexico, the Centro Mexicano de alta Especialidad en Oftalmologia receives €20,000 for its Community Outreach Program, which aims at delivering eye care and glasses to marganilized population through a mobile medical unit. This project will provide eye care for 10,800 people.             In Myanmar, the Vishakha Foundation conducts eye screenings and trains medical staff to perform cataract surgeries. Among 3,000 people from rural areas will receive eye care, thanks to a funding of €20,000             In Singapore€10,000 are given to Sight to Sky to conduct eye screening for 13,000 people in remote Himalayan regions, thanks to Mobile Eye Clinic.          
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          In South Africa€40,000 over 2 years will help CBM to reduce the cataract and glaucoma morbidity rate in sub-Saharan Africa, through the skills building of the eye surgeons. Thanks to this project, more than 7,000 people will benefit from eye care before 2020.             In South Korea, the organization Heart to heart International receives €52,800 for its project of eye health improvement in Tanzania, based on providing eye-screening service to primary school students. This project will provide eye care for more than 229,000 children             In Switzerland€14,000 are given to Ordre de Malte, to support a screening and treatment project for visually-impaired people living in the region of Bobo-Dioulasso.           
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          In Turkey€10,000 will help the Six Dots Foundation for the Blind to buy a Pachimeter machine. This machine will allow glaucoma screenings for 20,000 people by 2020.             In Australia, the Kokoda Track Foundation received €20,000 to train eye care professionals to screen for refractive error and provide spectacle in rural areas of Papua New Guinea             In Peru€10,000 will help the NGO ORBIS to train hospital staff for retinopathy screenings and provide care to 3,000 children          
          In Guatemala, Visualiza develops social programs to deliver cataract surgeries and donate glasses to children. Thanks to a funding of €10,000, 90,000 people will benefit from eye care.             In China€40,000 have been used by ORBIS to establish a blindness prevention network for rural communities in Chaozhou of Guangdong Province. Thanks to this project, 50,000 people will benefit from eye care.              In Canada, the Foundation Fighting Blindness is developing an awareness program about eye health for people living in rural and remote areas. Thanks to a funding of €20,000300,000 people will benefit from eye care.           

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