The Subsidiaries' Projects 2016-2017

Every year, the Foundation and its international correspondents select local projects to support the fight against avoidable blindness in the world.

Find out below the 16 projects from 2016-2017 that have enabled more than 200,000 beneficiaries to receive eye care worldwide thanks to a funding of more than €490,000.

Map of the subsidiaries projects 16-17
               Kokoda Track Foundation Logo            
Eyes For the World Logo

            Dorina Will Foundation Logo           
              In Australia, the Kokoda Track Foundation received €52,000 to train 60 eye care professionals in rural areas of Papua New Guinea.             In Belgium and the Netherlands€20,000 financed the eye exam and the distribution of spectacles for 4,000 people in precarious situations by Eyes for the World.             In Brazil, the Dorina Nowill Foundation received €30,000 to subsidize the 1-year comprehensive medical follow-up of 220 children and young adults with visual impairment.          
               ORBIS Logo  
            Logo Institute For the Blind               Hong Kong Society for the Blind Logo          
              In China€33,730 have been used to finance the arrival of the ORBIS flying hospital in Shenyang Province to screen 1,000 residents and train 50 doctors, nurses and anesthetists in eye surgery.             In Germany, the Institute for the Blind Bus sensitized and screened 550 beneficiaries in schools and retirement homes thanks to the €23,000 support from L'OCCITANE.             In Hong Kong, for the second consecutive year, the Hong Kong Society for the Blind Vision Screening Bus examines 2,500 children thanks to a budget of €18,532.          
              Helen Keller International Logo             ChildVision Logo            
Lirot Logo 
              In Indonesia, the NGO Helen Keller International offered eye screenings for 2,000 people with diabetes thanks to a funding of €20,000.             In Ireland€20,512 allowed 3,000 children who are blind or visually impaired to benefit from therapeutic interventions thanks to the action of ChildVision.             In Israel, the Lirot association conducted with L'OCCITANE funding of €15,000 € eye screening for 3 000 children to monitor and fight the appearance of amblyopia, the disease of the "lazy eye".          
               Asia Prevention of Blindness Association Logo                 Sala Uno Logo              Visakha Foundation Logo          
              In Japan, with €50,000, the association Asia Prevention of Blindness funded the training of Vietnamese ophthalmologists and subsidized cataract surgery. 21,000 patients will benefit from eye care through these trained physicians.             In Mexico, a funding of €20,000 dedicated to Sala Uno facilitated the access to eye care for 7,000 Mexican patients among the poorest.             In Myanmar, the Vishakha Foundation raised awareness and screened 4,400 children and young adults in rural schools with a grant of €20,000.          
              Logo Association Pravo na Chudo               Brien Holden Vision Institute Logo              Korean Foundation for the Prevention of Blindness Logo          
              In Russia€40,000 have been allocated to the Pravo Na Chudo association to operate with laser therapy 4,240 preterm infants suffering from retinopathy.             In South Africa€45,000 helped the Brien Holden Vision Institute to integrate an eye care comprehensive system for 70,000 children in schools in the provinces of Kwazulu-Natal and the eastern Cape of the country.             In South Korea, the Korean Foundation for Prevention of Blindness received €50,000 to allow 1,500 students in difficult financial situations to benefit from comprehensive eye care.          
               Eye Heroes Logo                                      
              In the UKEye Heroes chose children to conduct an adult awareness campaign focused on the importance of regular eye screening. With a funding of €50,000, 47,880 beneficiaries are expected to attend the association's eye-screening programs.