The Subsidiaries' Projects 2015-2016

Every year, the Foundation and its international correspondents select local projects to support the fight against avoidable blindness in the world.

Find out below the 17 projects from 2015-2016 that have enabled more than 170,000 beneficiaries to receive eye care worldwide thanks to a funding of more than €340,000.

Carte projets 2015-2016

          Dorina Will Foundation Logo                Logo Foundation for Fighting Blindness             ORBIS Logo        
          In Brazil, thanks to a support of €5,774, the Dorina Nowill Foundation has launched an advertising campaign to involve society and government in the fight against the childhood and adult life avoidable blindness.             In Canada, with a financial support of €6,004, the Foundation Fighting Blindness has organised 3 events in order to inform and educate individuals living with vision loss and their families about current treatments and promising researh.              In China, the Orbis association has enabled 40,000 people to receive high quality and low cost eye care in the Shandong Province, with a funding of 100,000      
            Fondation Pedro Manuel Guzman             Logo Fondation Hospitalière Sainte-Marie               Logo Institut Curie        
          In Dominican Republic, 15,716 helped the Docteur Pedro Manuel Guzman Foundation to inform about blindness through the organisation of 2 awareness events. Thus, 1,500 people received vision screening in a mall.              In France, the Fondation hospitalière Sainte-Marie has organised prevention and awareness actions for visually impaired isolated and/or in a precarious situation, thanks to a support of €25,000.             In France, with an aid of 25 000€, the Institut Curie has organised a distance learning for ophtalmologists about conservative surgery for eye cancer, which will benefit to more than 130,000 patients      
           Hong Kong Society for the Blind Logo              Helen Keller International Logo             Logo Eliya      
          In Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Society for the Blind Vision Screening Bus has examined 2,500 children thanks to a budget of €18,532             In Indonesia, the NGO Helen Keller International offered eye screenings for almost 2,000 people with diabetes thanks to a funding of €18,532.             In Israël, with an aid of €10,000, the Eliya association has elaborated an individualized program of eye care for 122 children.       
           Asia Prevention of Blindness Association Logo              Saint Nicholas' Home Penang logo                      Myanmar Logo        
          In Japon, ophtalmologists have been trained to learn how to treat cataract, thanks to the Asia Prevention of Blindness, and an aid of 14,400             In Malaysia, thanks to a support of 10,000 for the Saint Nicholas Home Penang association, an awareness program about visual impairment has been organised for the World Sight Day, and allowed 493 people to benefit from eye care.              In Myanmar, the University of Medicine has enabled 1,400 people living in rural communities to receive eye care and glasses, thanks to an aid of €10,000.      
          Slovenian Association

 South African National Council for the Blind logo 
            Fondation Asile des Aveugles Logo      
          In Slovenia, an aid of 3,156 for the Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth helped cover the cost of eye-glasses or ophtalmologic treatment for 10 children with sight problem.               In South Africa646 people have  received eye care thanks to the South African National Council for the Blind and a financial support of €7,376.               In Switzerland, the Fondation Asile des Aveugles received a financial support of 44,830 to develop a gene therapy for children suffering from retinal dystrophy leading to vision loss.      
           Blind Children UK Logo

             Logo Art beyond Sight                      
          In the United Kingdom44,830 helped the Blind Children UK association to develop physiotherapy tools for children with a vision impairment.              In the United States20,000 allowed to support the association Art Beyond Sight and the program "Perfumer en Herbes" including an eye care dimension.