Biodiversity is under tremendous threat.

Around the world, 36 regions have been recognized as heavily threatened by habitat loss and other human activities whereas they provide crucial ecosystem services for human life, such as provision of clean water, pollination and climate regulation and are home to thousands of irreplaceable species. These areas are the BIODIVERSITY HOTSPOTS, where forests and other habitats represent 2.5% of Earth’s land surface but support more than half of the world’s plant species as endemics. Success in conserving species can have an enormous impact in securing our global biodiversity.

The need for conservation action is urgent.

To stem this crisis, we must protect these places where biodiversity lives. L’OCCITANE Foundation has always been involved in protecting biodiversity and is determined to keep going over the long term, both near and far, through concrete actions that make a real difference. Through this first international call for projects, it has chosen to focus its resources on 6 Biodiversity Hotspots supporting projects that range from restoring degraded forest ecosystem or conserving local varieties to promoting regenerative agriculture while preserving traditional skills and supporting local communities.

Calendar of application

  • Launch of the Call for Projects: September 12th, 2022
  • Application deadline: October 15th, 2022
  • Feedback and alignment on proposals: Nov.-Dec. 2022
  • Announcement of selected projects: mid-December 2022
  • Signature of partnerships: starting January 2023
  • Transfer of first-year grants: by the end of March 2023

Eligibility criteria

Your application will be reviewed if all the below eligibility criteria are met: 

•    The project needs to be carried out by a NON-PROFIT/GENERAL INTEREST ORGANISATION able to receive money transfers in euros.

•    To ensure STRONG IMPACT AND SUSTAINABILITY of its support, the L’OCCITANE Foundation will give priority to long-term projects. The organisation must be willing to sign a 3-year partnership.

•    The TOTAL GRANT DONATED to the organization will be within 150K€ and 600K€ for the 3-year partnership.

•    The project needs to have MEASURABLE RESULTS and IMPACT. The organisation must be able to follow and report annually the Key Performance Indicators requested by the L’OCCITANE Foundation.

•    The project must be located in one of the following HOTSPOTS OF BIODIVERSITY: Cerrado & Atlantic Forest – Mediterranean Basin – Guinean Forest of West Africa – Coastal Forest of Eastern Africa & Madagascar – Indo-Burma – East Melanesian Islands.

•    The project must focus on RESPECTING BIODIVERSITY on at least one of the following topics: Conservation of threatened vegetal varieties, Restoration of degraded forest ecosystems and/or Promotion of sustainable agriculture (Regenerative Agriculture & Agroforestry).

•    The project must involve and benefit to LOCAL COMMUNITIES in a sustainable way (improvement of way of life & health, increase of revenue, skills development, local know-how and cultural heritage).

To apply

Please, send the following documents by email to respectingbiodiversity@loccitane.com before October 15th:

  • Completed application form
  • Legal status 
  • List of members of the Board 
  • Latest activity report 
  • Latest financial statements 

Download the Application Form