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9 years ago in Cambodia was born Happy Chandara, a school for little girls, otherwise doomed to work in the fields or to trade their bodies. Today, more than a thousand young women will go to school, from primary school to early college.

This institution has been created by the organization “Toutes à l’Ecole”, supported by the journalist Tina Kieffer. She has committed herself to develop a high-level education for young disadvantaged girls. 
For 8 years, La Flamme Marie Claire has been devoted for this association and takes part in saving the women of tomorrow through the enrolment of today’s girls.  

In 2016, L’OCCITANE and the Marie Claire magazine are joining and participate together to support programs for enrolment and education of girls and women worldwide for the second time. This is a very important year for the operation which will also take place in the United Kingdom, Czech Republic and Italy.  
On September 1st until October 30th, we can help these girls to grow up and gain knowledge by purchasing a candle La Flamme Marie Claire, at the price of 7€, in L’OCCITANE stores.

With this candle, the organization Toutes à l’école, but also Entrepreneurs du monde and Rêv’elles will offer girls and women the opportunity to emancipate from their condition.
100% of the profits* will finance these three organizations. Since 2010, more than 500 000 candles have already been sold, and more than 1 million euros has been collected for the organizations. Participate with L’OCCITANE to keep on this dynamic!

This project also benefits from a significant media support. Every year, some journalists get committed and use their notoriety for the project, giving the event a great media visibility. This year, 24 French godmothers will support La Flamme Marie Claire, such as Claire Chazal, Flavie Flament or Caroline Roux.

*Sales price in store minus taxes, transport and production costs.


 Toutes à l'école         The organization Toutes à l’école, created by the journalist Tina Kieffer, chose to develop a high-level education for young disadvantaged girls.
In 2015, La Flamme Marie Claire helped to finance the scholarship of 966 students enrolled in the Happy Chandara school. In 2016, 1200 new students will have their scholarship financed. 


entrepreneurs du monde        The organization Entrepreneurs du Monde enables thousands of women and men living in extremely difficult circumstances to improve their living conditions, by supporting their own economic initiatives around 3 focus: social microfinance, social entrepreneurship, and the creation of very small business.
Since 2009, L’OCCITANE supports Entrepreneurs du Monde in Burkina Faso to promote sustainable socio-economic development of the poorest communities through access to microfinance, but especially by strengthening the skills of women with ultimate goal their self-sufficiency.

In 2016, the project is to teach 13,000 Burkinabè women a job and to help them creating their own business.


 Plan international      

Plan International is an organization helped by L'OCCITANE in UK. It works with girls and boys in 52 of the world’s poorest countries to help them access to education. The goal is to enable them to claim their rights. Through its Because I am a Girl campaign- Plan International aims to support wider girls’ rights, gender equality, and long term poverty eradication.



 In France, the third organization supported is called Rêv'Elles. It helps girls from inherited neighbourhoods to access education.


In Burkina Faso, the L'OCCITANE company works with women producing shea butter since the 1980s with an objective of co-development. The L'OCCITANE Foundation has chosen to build on this partnership with the women of this country, by focusing its activities on supporting women's empowerment and economic emancipation.In 2014, the Foundation decided to extend its operating field of action and engaged new actions for women’s leadership internationally creating a partnership with UN Women. It was natural for L’OCCITANE to support La Flamme Marie Claire as a key partner.

 Thousands of young girls will become tomorrow free women thanks to la Flamme Marie Claire.  Support the operation and sensitize those around you by sharing your commitment