L'OCCITANE Sight Awards

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2 awards to fight avoidable blindness 

Every 2 years, the L'OCCITANE Foundation gives two grants of €50,000 each to fund research and innovation in the eye care.

The L'OCCITANE Sight Award for Research funds research against avoidable blindness in developing countries.

The L’OCCITANE Sight Award for Innovation rewards innovative breakthrough and solutions in the eye care sector.


This year, Dr Wondu Alemayehu saw his research on potential behavioral and environmental determinants in the prevalence of trachoma in Ethiopia rewarded by the L'OCCITANE Sight Award for Research.

For the first year, the L'OCCITANE Sight Award for Innovation honored the groundbreaking project of Dr Zareen Khair. She noticed women suffer more than men from avoidable blindness. She decided to focus on them and young children so she could at once reduce the gender gap and allow 135,000 people to improve their vision in the rural areas of Bangladesh, in partnership with women’s health and women’s rights organizations.


For her research project in India, the L'OCCITANE Sight Award for Research was assigned to Dr Clare Gilbert whose results helped improve schools’ eye health programs internationally.


During the annual congress of the European Ophthalmologic Society (EOS), Prof. Volker Klauss received the L'OCCITANE Sight Award for Research for his commitment and allow him to continue his actions in several regions of Africa.