L'OCCITANE pour Elles

L’OCCITANE pour Elles, a program to answer an issue 

The L’OCCITANE Foundation strengthens its commitment for women entrepreneurship in Burkina Faso. In 2012, in Burkina Faso, the creation of companies by women only reaches 9%, notes the Ministry of women and gender promotion. Besides, women are facing many obstacles that can explain this low rate, among which lower literacy and qualification levels along with a mode difficult access to funding. 

What is the purpose of the program “L’OCCITANE pour Elles”? 

The L’OCCITANE Foundation launches the second edition of the competition “L’OCCITANE pour Elles” to speed up the projects of women entrepreneurs based in Ouagadougou. The competition aims at identifying leaders, visionaries and inspiring women to provide them with a personalized support to achieve their highest ambitions. These women shall be aged between 20 and 40 years, based in Ouagadougou and head of an active business or on-going one.

The call for projects starts on June 14th and will end on July 14th 2019. Please, find all the information to participate here

The winners of this competition will benefit from a personalized coachings from the Foundation and its partners (La Fabrique, Initiatives France, Initiative Ouagadougou, la Maison de l’Entreprise du Burkina Faso, the PROJEFEJEC : a UNPD Luxembourg partnership). This 6-month session is renewable twice and will focus on the following points:

Technical support (daily supports on all the strategical points)

Support to improve the visibility of the project (enhance the logo, packaging, develop communication tools and mediatic actions)

- Support in findings funds to respond to high ambitions

Personal development to handle both professional and personal lives

Juridical and fiscal support

Access to an optimized workspace and a dynamic community
          L'OCCITANE Pour Elles      

For more information on the previous laureates: here