Impact study with the UNDP

Impact study on L’OCCITANE's social actions in Burkina Faso

Recognized since 2013 as an exemplary company by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), L'OCCITANE is a member of the Business Call To Action initiative. It is an inclusive platform hosted by the UNDP, which brings together companies committed to improving their impact on the poor and reaching the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.         UNDP Logo  

Business Call to Action       In this context, the department of the BCtA charged with impact studies organized in 2016 and 2017 an impact study of L'OCCITANE's social actions on Burkinabè women. The study is based on a 4-step approach: 1/ Assessing readiness of the company 2/ Planning and design of the key social-impact metrics 3/ Monitoring impact 4/ Analyzing data and reporting.

L’OCCITANE surveyed 1,890 women producers from partner unions coming from 4 different regions in Burkina Faso. The report has just been published, and offers an analysis of the social impact of L'OCCITANE on burkinabè women who produce shea butter.   

Some key figures have been highlighted: 
40% of these women had access to microcredit
- 84% of these women are now able to contribute to their family finances thanks to an income increase. 
- 43% of these women had attended literacy training. These training courses meet a significant need in Burkina Faso: in rural areas, the literacy rate of the women is less than 15%. 
- 75% of these women register for school almost all their children (girls and boys) under 14 years old. 

Furthermore, lessons can be drawn thanks to this study:  
- Women who live farther from union centers have smaller access to microcredit than women who live near the centers.
- L’OCCITANE has widely achieved its commitment to purchasing shea butter at a fair price from the women producers in Burkina Faso. 
- The objective is now to help these women to diversify their income sources, and to continue the impact study on its social actions. 

The complete report is available here (click on the picture):

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