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Since 2013, L'OCCITANE has been working with the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB).

It is an alliance of more than 125 civil society actors, health professionals and companies involved in eye health issues.

The IAPB's mission is to eliminate the main causes of avoidable blindness and visual impairment by working with all stakeholders. The L'OCCITANE Foundation became part of this coalition when it joined it in 2016.


Each year, the Foundation team supports and participates in the General Assembly of the coalition. It is the flagship event in the eye health field: in 2016, it brought together more than 1,150 health professionals over 3 days.

The IAPB and the Foundation also work together on the selection of new projects each year, which led them to formalize their collaboration when the Foundation joined the IAPB. Since 2016, it is thus officially a member of the coalition.

This strategic decision allows the L'OCCITANE Foundation to benefit from the network and expertise of IAPB members.


Every year, in partnership with the IAPB, the L'OCCITANE Foundation honors the "Eye Health Heroes", experts who every day participate in actions to reduce avoidable blindness worlwide.

Since the beginning of the program in 2013, 40 professionals have been distinguished at the IAPB General Assemblies. L'OCCITANE also offers 2 travel bursaries among the selected "Eye Health Heroes" so that they can attend the awards ceremony and exchange with their peers.

"It is an honour and a humbling experience to be given the eye health leader award in such a forum. I believe It is an incentive for others in my team and to the wider eye health community as well. In this day and age, trachoma should be irrelevant and yet it is not, because a key component—service delivery—is missing.Amir Bedri kello, Eye Health Leader 2015.


Every two years the "L'OCCITANE Sight Awards" are also presented jointly by the IAPB and the L'OCCITANE Foundation. Discover more by clicking on the link.