In Poland there is a long and rich tradition of orchards. Unfortunately, nowadays the market is dominated by foreign, easy to grow varieties, which breach the natural soil balance and local biodiversity. They require also more water use, chemical products and pesticides, having a dramatic impact on environment and human health. However, there is a growing awareness of healthy food and eco-farming. People are looking for direct contacts with farmers to avoid intermediaries and big grocery chains. Old vegetables are more and more popular and present in local restaurants in small eco-stores. There is also a strong focus on local suppliers and local producers as people are more and more aware of how beneficial for environment and local economy it is.


Supported Project 

In 2022-2023, L'OCCITANE Poland supports the project of AgriNatura. The goal of the project is to bring back to the fields and tables the forgotten Polish vegetables in order to enrich the biodiverse CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) plantations and in the same time rise the awareness of biodiversity and heritage of Polish old plants.


Some Figures

Budget 3,300 euros

Goal 50 regenerated hectares

History of the Partnership

L'OCCITANE Poland supported AgriNatura since 2020 for their promotion of the agroforestry and organic farming among communities of young Polish farmers. Discover more about it here.

Photo credits : Rws WOJCIECHOWKA