Agriculture in Poland is mainly a family activity, but only 1% of the agricultural land is cultivated organically.

Even though agricultural biodiversity is still well preserved today, it is tending to deteriorate because of the intensification of cultivation rates due to growing market demand. In addition, agricultural subsidies to orchards and agroforestry have been suspended in recent years in favor of forest plantation. 


Supported Project

L’OCCITANE Poland and the L’OCCITANE Foundation are supporting a project to rehabilitate traditional orchards, thereby helping to restore the rural landscape and the local ecosystem.

This fruit tree planting first responds to an environmental issue by promoting sustainable and organic production systems encouraging pollination and pest control.

It also responds to an economic challenge by allowing farmers to generate additional income through agrotrourism and the production of diversified products.

Finally, the planting of these different varieties of apple, pear, cherry or plum trees preserves genetic heritage and local knowledge.

Some Figures

Budget 6.000 euros

Goal 545 planted trees