Farming is the main economic activity in La Mancha region, located in the center of Spain. However, agricultural activities are severely restricted by the harsh environmental conditions of extreme dry summers followed by cold and icy winters.

Villacañas, a town of about 10.000 inhabitants, had a thriving wooden door industry until 2008, when the economic crisis hit, leading to the closure of factories and subsequent high unemployment rates. After the crisis, many unemployed people decided to return to their family farms to find a new livelihood in farming.


Supported Project

In 2021-2022, L’OCCITANE Spain and the L’OCCITANE Foundation have partnered with Pur Projet to accompany organic or in-conversion farmers around Villacañas who wish to operate productive and bio-diverse plantations.

The idea is to support financially and technically the farmers throughout the plantation program: from the design of the project to its implementation, following rigorous social and environmental indicators to evaluate the success of the project.

The project thus aims to help farmers generate new income through the commercialization of their production. It also helps preserve local biodiversity by restoring habitat. Finally, it promotes sustainable agricultural practices through training on specific topics such as organic farming.

Some Figures

Budget 10.000 euros

Goal 1.586 planted trees

Goal 12 preserved varieties