Dinara is located in the rural area known for agriculture and livestock. The depopulation of the area, as well as the loss of agricultural infrastructure (ponds, stone walls, etc.) and livestock, has greatly impacted the biodiversity of the meadows. A situation that today severely affects the economy and the state of natural resources of the region.


Supported Project

In 2022-2023, L'OCCITANE Croatia supports the Biom Association's "Dinara back to LIFE" project. 

The project aims to carry out conservation activities for the restoration of grasslands, such as manual clearing of invasive vegetation, planned grazing and controlled burning. In addition, the project will provide support to the local population for the development of agricultural and tourist activities that promote the coexistence with nature.

Some Figures

Budget 2,000 euros

Goal 35 beneficiaries

Goal 0.1 regenerated hectare