Located in Provence-Alpes Côte d'Azur, Jouques is a town with a strong rural tradition and an exceptional natural heritage. Parts of this heritage now lie abandoned, however. Many olive groves are left fallow, representing a loss of rural heritage as well as increasing erosion and fire risks, which negatively impact biodiversity. There is therefore a significant need for manpower in order to maintain and enhance these natural and sensitive areas. However, since 2016, Jouques has been one of the ten municipalities involved in a regional policy experiment aimed at fighting long-term unemployment 1. A new law allows long-term job seekers to be hired on permanent contracts for social and solidarity economy activities.

1 Law of 29 February 2016 in order to reduce long-term unemployment in 10 voluntary territories.


Supported project

As part of this regional policy experiment fighting long-term unemployment, the L'OCCITANE Foundation supports the project run by the ELAN Jouques association. This project aims to rehabilitate 40 hectares of old olive groves with dry stone walls. In order to do so, job-seekers from the local area will be trained to recultivate these olive groves. As such, this project enables direct job creation while enhancing the local natural heritage.

Some figures

This programme creates a local management dynamic for natural and sensitive areas while at the same time developing the skills required through training courses for 14 job-seekers from the local area.

Budget 7 000 euros

Objectif 14 beneficiaries


Maurice, employee at Elan Jouques

 "I've had the chance to work on dry stone walls before and I was aware of the problem. This training allowed my to deepen my knowledge, improve my techniques for restoring the walls, and get the olive groves growing again.  I'm proud to have taken part in this project, which aims to restore the traditional agricultural landscape in Provence, and I would like to share and pass on what I've learned to other people."

Réhabilitation des oliveraies de la commune de Jouques