This project starts with the study of the history of agriculture and how it affected the Basilicata region over the time. Deforestation and intensive agricultural exploitation of soils by man’s hands brought to major issues such as the high rate of aridity in the summer season, soil erosion resulting in the leaching of nutrients and landslides, the little diversity of plant and animal species, etc. Following the in-depth study of the endemic plants of the territory, including edible and officinal plants and the analysis of the water intake of the area, they decided to intervene. 


Supported Project

The main objective of the project is not only to enrich the soil and promote the flourishing of biodiversity through reforestation, but a 360° intervention on the relationship between man and nature. It is planned to reforest 40 hectares with local species and to restore three lakes with their water flow. The goal is to become an example of improving ecosystem services.

Some Figures

Budget 10,000 euros

Goal 1 hectare regenerated