The forests of Laigue, Compiègne and Ourscamp Carlepont constitute the largest forest massif in the region, covering nearly 20,000 ha. Rich by their natural and historical heritage, these forests are nevertheless suffering from damages linked to diseases or insect attacks. In addition, repeated droughts and other effects of climate change have led to significant dieback in old trees and young plantations.


Supported project 

In this context, the ONF, supported in 2021-2022 by L'Occitane France and the L'OCCITANE Foundation, plans to renew the forest by planting, with the main objective of obtaining more resilient forest stands diversified in plant species. The smooth elm is a rare species (and protected in Picardy) that often accompanies the oak in wet woodlands. Old trees remain, but the species has difficulty in regenerating naturally. This project is the first essential step of the plantation. 

In the long term, this project aims to preserve a rare and locally protected natural heritage, to maintain the wetland forest ecosystem, to improve scientific knowledge and finally to provide an educational support for horticultural teaching. 

Some figues

Budget 23,530 euros

Goal 1 preserved variety

Goal 1,000 planted trees