California is one of the US states most affected by fire, which burn thousands of acres of forests and scrubland each year. The combination of advanced urbanization, accumulated amount of natural fuel and atmospheric conditions (droughts) made worse by global warming led to a series of destructive fires, especially in 2017.

Planting trees in agroforestry is one of the solutions to restore degradation and recreate biodiversity, reducing the impact of fires. 


Supported Project

L’OCCITANE USA and the L’OCCITANE Foundation are supporting an agroforestry project with a land-use planning approach that focuses on increasing the farm’s capacity to capture and store carbon.

The plantation of diversified local varieties integrated into the agricultural system makes it possible to sequester carbon and to restore soil health. Establishing riparian zones around fields helps filter and improve the quality of groundwater. Finally, these plantations protect grazing animals from environmental constraints and improve air quality. 

Some Figures


Budget 80.000 euros

Goal 5.925 planted trees