In the United Kingdom, 70% of the land is farmed with mostly intensive monocultural farming. Pur Projet and its local partner the Woodland Trust engage farmers into conservation projects in order to make them ambassadors of the agroforestry in the United Kingdom. 


Supported Project

L’OCCITANE UK and the L’OCCITANE Foundation are supporting this agroforestry project to promote responsible agriculture. This fruit tree-planting programme provides training for local producers in order to raise awareness among them about sustainable agricultural practices using local varieties of the land.

The planting sites are identified then selected and the fruit trees to be planted distributed among the producers. This agroforestry model makes it possible to develop and promote sustainable food production, to support the diversification of income and to preserve soil biodiversity, water resources and to improve the natural habitat for wildlife.

Some Figures

Budget 2020 50.000 euros

Goal for 2020 4.550 planted trees


Project supported since 2019

Total budget since 2019 90.000 euros

Results since 2019 5.000 planted trees