The Brazilian states of Pará and Maranhão are known to be part of the Amazon "Arc of Deforestation", an area particularly rich in biodiversity but devastated by intensive agriculture (especially cattle ranching), dry logging and devastating fires. Local communities, such as the indigenous Xikrin, Arariboia, Mãe Maria and smallholders of Parauapebas, Marabá, Curionópolis, Açailândia and others, are on the front line and need to be sensitised and engaged in protecting their local environment.


Supported Project

In 2022-2023, L'OCCITANE Germany supports the Meli Bees Network project. To address local challenges, the project supports an impact network involving communities (indigenous people, smallholders and quilombolas) committed to the protection of the Amazon rainforest. The project provides for:

(1) community engagement through collective meetings and training

(2) the development of complementary income-generating activities, including, but not limited to, seed collection, seedling production, regenerative agriculture, indigenous beekeeping, the local bio-producers' market and partnerships to reach new markets

(3) Dissemination of information to better understand the local context and thus to develop appropriate and sustainable solutions.

Some Figures

Budget 30,000 euros

Goal 3 hectares regenerated