The city of Yamato, located in the Kumamoto region, is said to be the birthplace of Japan’s “organic farming”. The rich terrain and clear water created by volcanic activity nurture beautiful nature. The water of the river carried from Tsujun Bridge not only moistens the rice terraces in the entire Shiraito Plateau and contributes to the development of organic agriculture, but also fosters a rich ecosystem. However, the 2016 earthquake and heavy rain damaged rice terraces. 


Supported project

L’OCCITANE Japan and the L’OCCITANE Foundation continue to support this year the reforestation project of the  Certified NPO Environmental Relations in order to protect the rice terraces of the village of Yamato, located in the region of Kumamoto. The planting of broadleaved trees of local vegetation will contribute to the protection of this japenese landscape, but also the preservation of the species living in this particular ecosystem.

This reforestation project is done in a sustainable perspective but also through an awareness programme in the region to encourage a relationship between the forest and the public, which will promote the village’s economy. 

Some figures

Budget 45,000 euros

Result 555 planted trees

Result 0.2 regenerated hectares


L'OCCITANE Japan and the L'OCCITANE Foundation already partnered with Certified NPO Environmental Relations in 2020-2021 to support their programme aiming at reforesting and protecting the rice terraces of the village of Yamato. Discover more about it here