According to UNESCO1, the adult literacy rate in Burkina Faso is 34.6%. Most of the country's population cannot read or write. This rate presents enormous disparities according to the area of ​​residence (urban or rural) and especially according to sex (man or woman). Literacy levels are higher for men than for women, regardless of where they live. Regarding women, only 26.2% of them are literate, hence it represents 1 out of 5 women. Literacy is a major element of personal development and, by extension, of the emancipation of women who represent more than 51% of the total population. A literate woman participates better to her own development but also to the development of her family and her community. Supporting actions aimed at reducing the illiteracy rate of women would not only contribute to their autonomy but also participate in local development.



Supported project

From 2017 to 2019, the L'OCCITANE Foundation supported a women's literacy project organised by Aide et Action International. This project contributed to building, renovating and leading literacy centres. These women were able to learn, to read and to write following the REFLECT method. This an approach to learning and social change which is based upon discussions about topics which are important in daily life. This project also allowed the training of teachers, skills development for local associations, as well as support and raise awareness for local women's literacy and empowerment in Burkina Faso. In addition, the Foundation supported the development of collective income-generating activities which allow literacy centres to operate independently in the long term. 

Some figures

Budget 30,000 euros

Result 122 women supported