This project is supported by the L'OCCITANE Foundation. 


In Burkina Faso, 9 out of 10 people living in poverty live in rural areas. Most of them are women, working in agricultural production.

This accentuated poverty of rural women is largely due to inequalities, particularly those directly linked to the productive domain: inequality of access to and control over the production’s factors (land, credit, information); inequality of control over the benefits of their work and inequality in decision-making power.

At the same time, many studies have shown that an improvement in women's income has a direct positive impact on the food quality and more generally on the living conditions of the household.


Supported Project

Since 2021, the L'OCCITANE Foundation supports the Yennega Project in Burkina Faso, led by Green Hope and les Amis de La Fabrique, to promote women's agricultural entrepreneurship. The project, over the three years, will improve the living conditions of 316 women and their families through the production of onions in the « Centre-Ouest » region of Burkina Faso. 

The project's main objective is to develop actions in favour of the sustainable establishment of agricultural activities by rural women. To do so, it intends to : 

1. Consolidate and sustainably increase the income of 316 women through:

  • The development of a community land by securing the women's agricultural activity through the negotiation of a usufruct contract of at least 20 years,
  • Training women producers in best agricultural production practices,
  • Support for the agro-ecological transition through access to biofertilisers,
  • Support for the search for more profitable markets,
  • Support for income diversification.

2. Support women to create and manage successful businesses through:

  • Tailor-made managerial training,
  • Structuring and formalizing cooperative.

3. Improve women's access to agricultural finance through:

  • Access to unsecured credit: €15,000 granted,
  • Support for savings,
  • Financial education .

4. Improve the family and social environment for women's entrepreneurship through:

  • Support for sustainable access to land,
  • Awareness raising activities for women and their husband.

In order to take into account the migration crisis that the country is currently facing, the project will place particular emphasis on supporting women hosting displaced families and directly displaced women. They represent 31% of the total beneficiaries of this project (316 woman supported). 

Some Figures

For years 2 and 3 of the project: 

Total Budget 47,454 euros

Goal 220 woman supported

History of the Partnership

The L'OCCITANE Foundation already partnered with Les Amis de la Fabrique & Green Hope in 2021. Discover the first year of the project here.