According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the risk of blindness in children is higher in developing countries with little access to health care. In Malawi, there are only 13 optometrists in the public sector for a population of over 19 million people. As a result, eye care is limited to surgical operations and emergency management of eye diseases.


Supported project

In 2019-2020, L'OCCITANE South Korea and the L'OCCITANE Foundation supported the Heart to Heart Foundation in order to keep on promoting eye health in Malawi. 

This project aimed to provide eye-screening and treatment including glasses and surgery services to students in 146 primary schools. In addition, basic eye health education through the involvement of teachers enabled the sustainability of school children's eye health, and ultimately prevented avoidable blindness in the region. 

Some figures

Budget 61,580 euros

result 934,976 beneficiaries

Partnership History

Project supported since 2017

In 2017, L’OCCITANE South Korea and the L'OCCITANE Foundation supported the Heart to Heart Foundation to conduct a school-based eye health improvement project in Mtwara, Tanzania. At that time, 124 Masasi primary schools and 94 Nanyumbu primary schools were involved.

In 2018, the project was expanded to other schools in the region and in Malawi. The project aimed to provide eye screenings, eyeglasses and surgery in 146 primary schools across the country. The staff of the schools concerned was also trained in basic knowledge of eye health and pathologies.


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