Stats tell there are around 3500 registered optometrists in South Africa, of which only 235 areworking in the public sector, trying to serve the need of almost 80% of the population (around 42 million people). The lack of access to glasses results in a loss of millions for the SA’s economy. By providing glasses, we create opportunities for work and economic growth. With clear vision children can read and learn. Adults can also successfully participate in continuing education and workforce training. Clear vision also increases their confidence.


Supported Project

VisionBox is a social franchise based on a scalable Optometry-in-a-Box concept. They are set up in townships and underserved areas to give access the people who need them most – at drastically reduced costs. They will be providing 400 pairs of prescription glasses to children from the surrounding areas in the Paarl district, Western Cape.

Some Figures 

Budget 21,870 euros

Goal 5,000 beneficiaries

Partnership History

Since 2020, L'OCCITANE Foundation has supported Vision Box on this project. 

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