With the acceleration of urbanization and a growing lack of access to health care, the indigenous community tends to disappear over time. Many people decide to follow a different way of life, closer to nature, and the village leaders often show a certain distrust towards industrialized societies. These populations then live in lands inside the Amazonian forest and many struggle to obtain eye treatments. Therefore, the geographical and cultural spaces of the indigenous populations are reduced progressively. 


Supported project

In 2021-2022, L'OCCITANE Brazil and the L'OCCITANE Foundation are supporting the association Doutores da Amazônia. Its project aims to provide ophtalmic appointments to indigenous populations in the Brazilian Amazon to treat potential eye diseases and prevent future vision problems. 

To do this, the members of the association determine the needs of the populations and then provide the necessary eye care, including the equipment to provide complementary exams and eyeglasses donations to those who need them. They identify people who need extra attention and seek solutions to provide this much-needed care. 

Some figures

Budget 24,095 euros

Goal 5,800 beneficiaries