Japan is heavily affected by natural disasters, including earthquakes and tsunamis. It is therefore important to provide medical coverage in the affected areas. According to the WHO, there is a higher prevalence of visual impairment in developing countries with low per capita income. Inadequate and unequal access to prevention and eye care is an obstacle to reducing visual impairment in the most populated and poorest areas.


Supported Project

In 2017-2018, L'OCCITANE Japan and the L'OCCITANE Foundation supported the Japanese Opthalmologists Association and its Vision Van project. The project aimed at replacing and buying ophthalmologic instruments, which were mounted in Vision Van to prepare the examination in disaster area. In case of disaster. Vision Van was dispatched to disaster area to examine eyes of people who had suffered from disaster. In ordinary times, the Vision Van was sent to keep the health of eyes.

Some Figures

Budget 50,000 euros

Results 2,700 beneficiaries